La Fondation Sante des Etudiantes de France – FSEF (French Students Health Foundation)

The aim of FSEF is to provide care and education to enable student-patients to recover from hospitalization, by providing a personalized support plan to enable them to reintegrate socially and academically. The FSEF has three main missions: to develop support for students in need of medical care whether psychiatric or non-psychiatric, and rehabilitation care within care-study clinics, in partnership with the French Ministry of Education; to promote access to citizenship and all patient rights; and to participate in clinical and epidemiological research on adolescent and young adult disorders, in partnership with universities and research institutes.

The Erie Foundation supports the KUSA program run by the FSEF. This prevention program, uses Manga and Anime, to develop the psychosocial skills of middle and high school students, as well as school staff, in relation to the use of substances, particularly cannabis. After a pilot project in the town of Sceaux, the FSEF is now looking to expand its program to the rest of the Paris region, Brittany and Nouvel Aquitaine.