The “choose psychiatry” campaign.

Collége National des Universitaires en Psychiatre – CNUP (National College of Psychiatric Academics)

The CNUP aims to improve the quality of training in psychiatry and mental health for future psychiatrists and healthcare professionals, to contribute to a better understanding of mental health and to destigmatize mental pathologies. The CNUP’s mission is to structure the body of knowledge and skills needed in psychiatry and mental health by future psychiatrists; to represent to the relevant government departments the views of university academics working in the field of psychiatry; and to participate in research into psychiatry and mental health.

To help make the psychiatric profession more attractive, the CNUP is launching a major communications campaign to inform and attract medical students. The campaign will focus on three main areas: communication on social networks via a range of influencers; the broadcast of a public information film; and an annual “Psychiatric Nights” event held in medical schools to help mobilize interest and support. The Erie Foundation supports the CNUP in all three aspects of its campaign.