Prepsy Clic!


Created in 2012, the Prépsy Medical and Social Support Service for Disabled Adults known as  SAMSAH promotes personalized support for patients with psychiatric disorders, both locally and nationally.

‘Prepsy Clic!’ is a digital platform that uses the power of social networks to reach young people suffering from psychiatric disorders, to give them access to the information and solutions they need, and to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. The project aims to develop online spaces targeted and tailored to those in need, through digital communication strategies thereby building communities through digital peer support as well as collecting and analyzing data to adjust and optimize the impact of their actions.

It offers people looking for information about their mental health problems the chance to click on a website banner linking them to a site which provides reliable and verified information.

The Erie Foundation is supporting the implementation of this project in its entirety to help facilitate early intervention in the first stages of psychosis by speeding up access to care and medical-social services.