The house of psychosocial rehabilitation

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Resource Center

Created in 2015, the CRR carries out a public service mission working closely with France’s Health Department and General Management of Healthcare Services, which have entrusted it with the job of guiding psychosocial rehabilitation (CRR) centers in France and supporting the development of care practices. CRR refers to a set of procedures designed to help people suffering from psychological disorders to recover, and achieve a satisfactory quality of life.

Today, as the leading network in the field of psychosocial rehabilitation, the CRR is creating a center for psychosocial rehabilitation to structure its work. The creation of this center will enable it to:

  • Coordinate and organize data gathering from its 92 referral centers in order to distribute its findings
  • Encourage and empower its members to act and speak out, through meetings with peers, scientific gatherings and social design tools, and spaces open to all.
  • Develop care practices through ongoing training for professionals
  • Set up a national center to monitor changes in practices, by systematically implementing collaborative audits.

The Erie Foundation supports the creation of the House of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and the development of its structure and services.