Created in 2012, the Ecolhuma association supports teachers and school directors in their efforts to ensure the success of France’s 12 million school pupils, including the most vulnerable. Its aim is to provide pedagogical and psychological support for educational professionals, so that they can carry out their work with  greater ease. Ecolhuma runs various programs, including the professional development platforms “EtrePROF” (for teachers) and “ManagEDUC” (for school heads and inspectors).

In response to the increasing presence of stress and anxiety at school, which affects both students and teachers, the Erie Foundation has supported the creation of a stress and mental health awareness course for teachers. This online course provides teachers with resources to help them incorporate the prevention of stress and anxiety into their teaching practices. It also helps to identify critical cases and gives access to a supportive community through discussion groups between teachers and psychologists, together with one to one sessions.