Towards the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

The Vaincre Alzheimer Foundation

Created in 2005, the Vaincre Alzheimer Foundation has three main objectives:

  • To accelerate the arrival of new treatments by funding medical research into neurocognitive diseases;
  • To improve diagnosis and care in the training of doctors;
  • To raise public awareness on ways to prevent this disease

The Erie Foundation has supported a clinical research project led by Professor Payoux from the Toulouse Neuroimaging Center, where a team is working on developing an innovative method of early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease based on pupil dilation and brain imaging. The aim is to identify, in people with no clear symptoms, early changes related to Alzheimer’s, found in a particular part of the brain region linked to attention and memory.  Diagnosing the disease in its silent phase will help prevent the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s.