Mental Health First Aid – PSSM France

The Mental Health First Aid

Created in 2018, the PSSM France association aims to combat the stigmatization of mental disorders, thereby helping to ensure early access to appropriate care. It offers first aid training in mental health for all, with the aim of raising awareness of its importance alongside traditional first aid training. It is aimed at everyone: firefighters, caretakers, teachers, students and carers etc. To date, more than 57,000 first aiders have been trained by Mental Health First Aid in France.

The Erie Foundation has contributed to the development and updating of its training programs. As a result, PSSM has been able to create modules  that are better suited to the specific needs of its audiences (young adults, the elderly, migrants) and develop a digital toolkit. The Foundation has also supported PSSM in its communication efforts, in particular by helping trainers increase the program’s visibility through its methodological and financial support.