The house of wisdom


Les Maison des Sages association aims to provide an innovative solution to the societal challenge of the loss of autonomy caused by Alzheimer’s. It aims to support the integration and support of elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s-type psycho-cognitive disorders within the community, by providing accommodation right up to the end of life in an environment that is comforting for the patient and their loved ones.

La Maison des Sages project enables residents to continue living a normal life, in a real ‘home’, with a normal social life, despite cognitive decline. The idea is for eight people to share a house or a large apartment in the center of the city, adapted to the needs of those people with declining autonomy, and to share living expenses equally.

The House of Wisdom now manages two homes, “Maison de Buc” and “Maison des Loges-en-Josas” and is looking to expand its inclusive housing model by opening three new homes in Yvelines, Jouy-en-Josas and Les Mureaux in France . The Erie Foundation is supporting this expansion.