Lille University Hospital

The ELIOS project aims to give teenagers and young adults with suicidal thoughts access to a team of online clinicians available on social networks. It works by creating a range of professional profiles on various social media platforms that are promoted through a vast communication campaign both on the internet and in traditional media. At any time, teenagers or young adults can send a message to one of the profiles to be put in touch with an online clinician. The aim is threefold:

  • To promote and regulate the entry of these young people into the healthcare system;
  • To alleviate and prevent suicidal teenagers from acting out;
  • To improve the organization of the treatment routes they are likely to follow, for the benefit of all adolescents and young adults in the region.

ELIOS is part of the psychiatry department of Lille University Hospital Center, one of the largest health campuses in northern Europe.

The Erie Foundation mainly supports the creation and development of the digital platform created to help and promote access to care.