Facettes Festival

Citizens’ Initiative for Mental Health (Innovation Citoyenne en Santé Mentale)

The mission of the Innovation Citoyenne en Santé Mentale association is to develop knowledge and understanding of mental health, to help destigmatize mental disorders and psychiatry; to help liberate  the voices of people in pain and their caregivers; and to encourage initiatives and action around supporting mental health.

The association organizes an annual festival to mobilize and build mental health resources for the community. It is built around a variety of workshops, forums, games, concerts and shared exchanges, and is led by young people, caregivers and professionals serving a broad community of beneficiaries.

The Erie Foundation supported the launch of the festival in 2022 and has decided to renew its support for the second edition in 2023. It has also chosen to support the association in its structuring by funding the hiring of a project manager for two years.