The restaurant “Le Jardin Pêcheur” – Le Manège pour se remettre en marche (Getting back on track)

The restaurant “Le Jardin Pêcheur”

Le Jardin Pêcheur is a Bordeaux restaurant  employing 80% disabled workers, most of whom are mentally handicapped with 50% coming  from low income neighborhoods. Its aim is to help train and support disabled people find their way back into work to make their careers more secure.

The Erie Foundation has supported Le Jardin Pêcheur with a project in partnership with the Bordeaux Clubhouse, to help people suffering from mental illness make a smooth transition back into employment. It offers short, weekly working hours in jobs that are accessible to  those lacking formal training or qualifications. It helps to break down their isolation, while renewing contact with the world of work at the same time.