The “Déclic Emploi” project

Eaux Vives
Atlantic Loire

Originally founded in 1976 under the name of “Petit Club Sarrazin”, the Eaux Vives Association works to enable the social and professional inclusion of all migrants, homeless people, and those people facing financial, social and health or psychological problems. Its work in France’s Loire-Atlantique  region is based on four key pillars: accommodation, health, access to housing, and employment. Its aim is to find solutions for people suffering from mental health issues or substance abuse disorders, by helping them find and remain in employment.

The Erie Foundation supports the Déclic Emploi project, which aims to promote the long-term integration of people with mental health issues into the  world of work, particularly those under the age of 30. The project supports the development of a comprehensive support package to help young people overcome the barriers towards social integration and find long-term employment.  It is a 12-month renewable program which includes professional, social and psychological support.