Booster 2022-2024

Santé Mentale France

Santé Mentale France is an association that brings together its 250 members who are all closely involved in mental health in France. In 2023, Santé Mentale France chose recovery as its main theme. Recovery is a long-term individual process that consists of improving one’s quality of life and increasing one’s power to act by overcoming the consequences of health problems and their psycho-social repercussions. On a collective level, recovery is akin to good mental health practices.

The Booster 2022-2024 project addresses this ambition through its three objectives: to promote the concept of recovery and raise awareness via collective counselling sessions designed to share and exchange experiences related to recovery journeys. The foundation also supports the implementation of an open source information platform on recovery, accessible to everyone, providing interactive spaces on the subject, national and international best practices monitoring, and also links to related events and research.